• I have been taking many photographs of people and landscapes.
  • Commissions of portraits are going well. My aim is to make people look as good as they want whilst still being themselves.
  • I am also making fine art cyanotype prints. I mix my own chemicals and coat paper with the emulsion. It is something of an alchemical process with many interesting failures.
  • Gallery: Please click on the thumbnails to view properly. You can also scroll through the images on the big preview page.
  • Please use the contact page to find me.

  • 'R' and Minnie
    'R' and Minnie
    R was self-conscious.. Minnie came to the rescue. Portrait taken in their garden shed.
  • John Whiteman 1933 - 2021
    John Whiteman 1933 - 2021
    I like the light in John's left eye.
  • Caroline and Janna
    Caroline and Janna
    Caroline is not used to being photographed. She works with horses and so we borrowed the magnificent Janna to help out.
  • Alex - Student
    Alex - Student
  • 'B'
    'B''s symmetrical face and large eyes inspired this approach.
  • Finlay Hall - artist
    Finlay Hall - artist
    I used a shiny high contrast look to capture the edginess and energy of Finlay.
  • Lauren - professional model
    Lauren - professional model
    I took this at a Fuji camera event in Glasgow.
  • Claudia Overton - actress
    Claudia Overton - actress
    Claudia can adopt different persona at will. We went for a moody 1970's magazine look.
  • Jane Thomas
    Jane Thomas
    Jane will admit to being a reluctant subject. I used Hollywood Paramount lighting.
  • 'X' informal
    'X' informal
    This friend has a sunny disposition and always looks towards the light. BTW I never put photos on my site or instagram without the permission of the sitter. Sometimes they wish to remain anoymous.
  • 'X' work photo
    'X' work photo
    This was for a professional website.
  • 'Y'
    The triangle of light under 'P's left eye is typical of the light Rembrandt depicted.
  • Kay Hyde
    Kay Hyde
    It is fashionable to use flash outside to create an unrealisitc balance. In this case I went for a natural look for photographer and friend Kay..
  • Jo McCoy - Tyninghame forest
    Jo McCoy - Tyninghame forest
    Jo uses gong baths and other therapies to 'align us to our own inner truth'. Visit https://jomccoy.com for more information.
  • 'S' and the boys.
    'S' and the boys.
    Family dynamic captured in simple triangular compostion. Portrait taken in the family home.
  • Rose
    I aim to make people look their best and still look like who they are.
  • Thea aged 103
    Thea aged 103
    I caught up with Thea at a dance event at the Hope Rooms, North Berwick.
  • Rex Homer
    Rex Homer
    Rex collects large paintings by Patti Yuill.
  • George Birrell - painter
    George Birrell - painter
    George's paintings of the harbours of the Scottish coast are admired by collectors all over the world.
  • Lauren - model
    Lauren - model
    I used a vintage lens to create a dreamier portrait of Lauren whilst she was not posing.
  • Yolanda Pupo-Thompson
    Yolanda Pupo-Thompson
    My wife is my no.1 reluctant model. I caught her mischievous sense of humour which she needs.
  • Kay Hyde at the whisky pond North Berwick
    Kay Hyde at the whisky pond North Berwick
    I used the sun as backlight for Kay's hair.
  • 'T'
  • Susanna -  garden designer
    Susanna - garden designer
    I wanted to cpature the strength of Susanna's character.