I specialise in taking portraits of people who do not like being photographed. And let's face it that's most of us. (In interviewing for the radio I often had to 'put people at their ease'. A counterproductive concept which took me years to unlearn.) My aim is to make people look as good as they want to be whilst still looking like who they are. It is all about the light. I use flash or the sun to model the face.

As for my photographic style? I have always loved the dramatic light and shadow in masterpieces by Caravaggio, Gentileschi and Rembrandt.
I have no feel for brightly lit flat studio portraits.

Process: As our starting point I would normally discuss what photos you like, they can be of anyone, and what you want to achieve. My equipment is portable and unobtrusive and designed to be simple. I tend to take no longer than 90 minutes for a session. I take many photographs and whittle them down to a small selection from which you make your final choice. You do not pay anything until you are satisfied with the images. I do some light retouching where necessary. I can provide high quality digital files, arrange printing on archival paper and advise on framing.

Gallery: Please click on the thumbnails to view properly. You can scroll through the images. To follow more images, such as the one I took of Elvis impersonator Johnny Lee Memphis above please visit rockethousephoto on
Instagram. Please use the contact page to find me.

  • 'R' and Minnie
    'R' and Minnie
    R was self-conscious.. Minnie came to the rescue. Portrait taken in their garden shed.
  • John Whiteman
    John Whiteman
    I like the light in John's left eye.
  • Caroline and Janna
    Caroline and Janna
    Caroline is not used to being photographed. She works with horses and so we borrowed the magnificent Janna to help out.
  • Alex - Student
    Alex - Student
  • 'B'
    'B''s symmetrical face and large eyes inspired this approach.
  • Finlay Hall - artist
    Finlay Hall - artist
    I used a shiny high contrast look to capture the edginess and energy of Finlay.
  • Lauren - professional model
    Lauren - professional model
    I took this at a Fuji camera event in Glasgow.
  • Claudia Overton - actress
    Claudia Overton - actress
    Claudia can adopt different persona at will. We went for a moody 1970's magazine look.
  • Jane Thomas
    Jane Thomas
    Jane will admit to being a reluctant subject. I used Hollywood Paramount lighting.
  • 'X' informal
    'X' informal
    This friend has a sunny disposition and always looks towards the light. BTW I never put photos on my site or instagram without the permission of the sitter. Sometimes they wish to remain anoymous.
  • 'X' work photo
    'X' work photo
    This was for a professional website.
  • 'Y'
    The triangle of light under 'P's left eye is typical of the light Rembrandt depicted.
  • Kay Hyde
    Kay Hyde
    It is fashionable to use flash outside to create an unrealisitc balance. In this case I went for a natural look for photographer and friend Kay..
  • Jo McCoy - Tyninghame forest
    Jo McCoy - Tyninghame forest
    Jo uses gong baths and other therapies to 'align us to our own inner truth'. Visit https://jomccoy.com for more information.
  • 'S' and the boys.
    'S' and the boys.
    Family dynamic captured in simple triangular compostion. Portrait taken in the family home.
  • Rose
    I aim to make people look their best and still look like who they are.
  • Thea aged 103
    Thea aged 103
    I caught up with Thea at a dance event at the Hope Rooms, North Berwick.
  • Rex Homer
    Rex Homer
    Rex collects large paintings by Patti Yuill.
  • George Birrell - painter
    George Birrell - painter
    George's paintings of the harbours of the Scottish coast are admired by collectors all over the world.
  • Lauren - model
    Lauren - model
    I used a vintage lens to create a dreamier portrait of Lauren whilst she was not posing.
  • Yolanda Pupo-Thompson
    Yolanda Pupo-Thompson
    My wife is my no.1 reluctant model. I caught her mischievous sense of humour which she needs.
  • Kay Hyde at the whisky pond North Berwick
    Kay Hyde at the whisky pond North Berwick
    I used the sun as backlight for Kay's hair.
  • 'T'
  • Susanna -  garden designer
    Susanna - garden designer
    I wanted to cpature the strength of Susanna's character.